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Consulting Services

Energy deregulation allows organizations to have an input on their energy footprint like never before. Solution Energy is here to guide your company and become your energy partner through this process. Our consultants will be there every step of the way to guide you to a more efficient and effective way to procure energy.

In today’s day and age, everyone wants savings where possible. Energy procurement is no exception. Our 25 years of experience as energy traders and our knowledge of complex commodity markets puts us light years ahead of the competition. Solution Energy looks forward to advising your company.

As your consultant we will:

  • Clarify how energy costs in your area are affected by Deregulation

  • Recognize your individual business needs

  • Understand how energy costs impact your business

  • Understand your energy expectations, goals, and concerns

  • Evaluate your current energy costs, detecting current and future patterns

  • Inform and instruct you about the costs of alternative energy sources

  • Show you tangible results of similar companies

  • Recommend workable solutions to your energy needs

  • Recommend the right time to purchase based on market trends

  • Guide you through the contractual process

  • Supervise and appraise your complete transaction

  • Offer continuous customer support

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